Stylized Map Animations

Stylized Map Animations Step into a realm where geographical data transforms into captivating visual stories. I specialize in crafting dynamic and immersive map animations that breathe life into data from various sources. My expertise lies in leveraging specialized tools that effortlessly generate custom maps from diverse online data sources. With these tools, I can create detailed representations—from highlighting country borders …

Steve Aoki – 6OKI: Rave Royale EP Music Videos

Together with the amazingly talented guys and girls at Pitchparrot Studios we created these awesome collection of 7 music videos for the one and only STEVE AOKI, known to be on of the hottest DJ’s in the U.S.A. From concept to execution, we had the freedom to go all-out and the sky was the limit! The animations were made in …

Motion Reel

Motion ReelA selection of my work This motion reel contains some of the work I have made in the last couple of years while working for a variety of companies, such as Heineken, BMW, Sony, Philips, 2K games as well as some personal stuff.

Cleantron/Lithion – Share-battery

Promo for Cleantron/Lithion. The leisure boating industry in Amsterdam must be emission-free by 2025. Cleantron/Lithion creates a new kind of ‘sharing battery’ to help this purpose. Illustrations made by PitchParrot