Stylized Map Animations

Step into a realm where geographical data transforms into captivating visual stories. I specialize in crafting dynamic and immersive map animations that breathe life into data from various sources.

My expertise lies in leveraging specialized tools that effortlessly generate custom maps from diverse online data sources. With these tools, I can create detailed representations—from highlighting country borders and tracing streets, lakes, rivers, and landmarks to animating driving routes. Essentially, any geographical feature with data becomes an editable asset within my creative canvas.

The flexibility of these tools allows for the creation of diverse map styles. By seamlessly integrating colors from compositions or images, I infuse unique styles into the maps. Additionally, I utilize various platforms to retrieve imagery, offering customizable basemaps that perfectly complement the storytelling aspect of the animations.

Example of a point-to-point animation showcasing a variety of map styles:

Other map animations

Highlighting various countries on a stylized world map:
Visualising positions of significant earthquakes over a span of time:
Highlighting various countries on a globe:
Visualising the main highways in a country: